Big Nerd Ranch iPhone Bootcamp Day 0: Arriving at Banning Mills


Today’s video is a compilation of the 2 day trip. I drove down a day early to hang out with some friends and work on a super-secret project (for now). Fair warning: I wasn’t following one of my own rules and the camera is moving around a lot. If you have vertigo issues, it may freak you out a little. I’ll try to do better this week.

Also, I’m doing all the filming with a Flip MinoHD. This is the first real set of videos I’ve shot with this camera. It’s a very cool camera, but takes some getting used to.

I’m also doing all the editing with iMovie ‘08. I’m used to used Sony Vegas on the PC, but I’m trying to be totally Mac on this trip. We’ll see how it goes. The render to FLV looks a little weird as compared to the other day. That day, I used the FlipShare software to do the edit. I might switch back to that on day 1.

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