Krystal has arrived!!!


Today is a day that will live in infamy. . .

ok, probably not. But it is an important day.

Krystal has opened in Fort Worth!

For those of you unfamiliar with the wonderful food known as Krystal, then think of White Castle. If you don’t know what White Castle is, then you need to learn a piece of Americana.

Krystal are wonderful hamburgers that are served on a small dinner roll. You remember, the ones Mom used to make. Add cheese and it’s a small slice of heaven.

Of course, you can’t eat just one. You can buy them by the sackful!

Now, truth be told, Krystal has been in the Metroplex for a while. I’ve frequented the location near High Point Church in Arlington a couple of times. And I’ll probably continue going there after a long day of shopping at Fry’s. But having a location about 15 minutes from the house is going to be nice.

And just think about it: when you are headed downtown to have a nice dinner at Reata or Texas De Brazil, but you know you can’t wait that long to eat, catch a drive through at Krystal and down a couple. Life doesn’t get much better.