Terracotta FX, App Store woes, Creation West and Chia Obama


I’ve spent a lot of time this week working on implementing striping with Terracotta FX for a client. All said and done, it’s been a pretty straightforward process, but like a lot of other “bleeding edge” software, sometimes the documentation is lacking. I was trying a configuration option that I remembered talking to some of the Terracotta guys about, but in reality, that config option really didn’t exist, which threw me off for a while.

Soon, I will be doing a series of webcasts about Terracotta. It isn’t that hard to integrate Terracotta into an existing environment, but if your code isn’t correct/optimized for a that environment, I guarantee you’ll be pointing your finger at Terracotta when you should be pointing it at yourself.

I’m also working on writing some tests using PushToTest to load test the striping setup. I hope to have that done by Monday. Why Monday? Read on. . .

I’ve also continued working on my super secret project. That’s been quite a challenge. I’m integrating with a public API that was designed by programmers for programmers, but there are a lot of missing options that new project requires. I’m still trying to figure out if it’s really going to work the way the business requirements wants or not. If not, I’m not sure what the next step is since the company providing the API doesn’t seem to be publishing new APIs very often.

I also picked up a new iPhone game project this past week. I’m going to try to get it banged out over the next couple of weeks. The family is going to the beach for a reunion this weekend, so that means another coding marathon weekend here at the office. I’ve really got to get started on the screencasts and get the webinars scheduled for my iPhone development process. I don’t know that it’s that special, but it sure makes starting new projects and getting them delivered really straightforward.

The last app that I submitted to the App Store was on July 7. Today is July 17th and it’s still neither approved nor rejected. Come on Apple, please work on speeding up the process. Pretty please with some fresh cucumbers on top (guess what I had for dinner last night 🙂 )

I also submitted another app update to the App Store on 7/14. It was a self inflicted submission. For the last update, I held back the lowest percentage bug from the crash reports because I wanted to see how long it’s taking for app approvals. Now, that bug is the #1 from the crash reports. My take on doing updates: fix everything you can. The App Store is taking way too freaking long for approvals.

On Tuesday (thus the “why Monday” statement earlier), I’m flying out to Washington and taking a working vacation to hang with some friends at Creation West. It’s been a number of years since I’ve been to a festival. 16 years to be exact. The last show that we did (that’s a teaser for another blog post) was Jesus Northwest in 1993. I’m looking forward to it, but the ~6 hour flight to SeaTac from Charlotte isn’t sounding very fun. I purchased a spare battery for the MacBook Pro, so I should be set. (Come on, USAir, you really need to put seat power in all your transcon equipment.)


And finally, I’ve seen commercials on TV for the Chia Obama. Most of you know that I’m fairly conservative in my politics and I did not vote for President Obama. Note, just because I didn’t vote for him doesn’t mean he’s not my president.

T-shirts and buttons are one thing.

A chia head?

No matter what happens, you don’t disgrace the office of the President. I think a chia head steps way over the line. Yeah, maybe I’m making a mountain out of a molehill, but that one thing has rubbed me wrong for some reason and I just can’t shake it.


Next week, I’ll hopefully have good news about the app store, PushToTest, Terracotta FX and all the goings-on at Creation West.

If you have any questions or comments, post them in the comments section below.